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Earth, Wick & Fire

Perfect gift for that hard to buy for person

Hand Crafted Stone Oil Candles

Unique Wedding Gift, Two hearts one flame, lifetime use
perfect for your meditation space

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Mia says  "I love my candles, I have two, one at home and one at work, I use them everyday.  Sometimes I will add essential oils to create a soothing atmosphere with aromatherapy"

John says "I have a triple table runner and I love it.  I have many people ask me what it is and where I got it, it is a great conversation piece and a great addition to my space"

Debbie says "I received my heart shaped candle as a gift and I love it, it is the most unique gift and it makes me think of my friend every time I use it"

Tom says "We use candles all the time.  We have saved a lot of money since we got our Earth, Wick and Fire candle and we no longer are filling up the landfills with glass jars.  We also have not left a candle burning all night accidentally since these go out by themselves after Five hours"


Marble Surface


Earth, Wick & Fire is a small, family based business located in Minnesota.  Our hand crafted stone oil candles are made out of beautiful natural slate.  Slate varies in earth tone colors and textures.   During the creation of each candle the characteristics and design are controlled by the composition of the slate and the artist, no two candles are ever alike.  The images above are approximations of the candle you will receive. Each candle will vary slightly in coloration and shape.

Earth, Wick & Fire has created a maintenance free,  low profile candle that you will enjoy for years, just add paraffin oil. We custom make the copper wick holders to secure your wick for your choice of the perfect flame height.  Our wicks are fiberglass and do not burn away.  Each reservoir holds 1 oz. of lamp oil and will burn for approximately 5 hours and then extinguishes itself. The addition of essential oils or scented oil to the reservoir will add a wonderful aroma to your space.  The unique and unusual characteristics of each candle make them a great gift.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy creating them.


We stand behind every candle we make and if you ever have a problem we will repair or replace it.


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